Michael Fiore : Biography



INSTAGRAM : @mfiore

An experienced and award-winning Creative Director, Executive Producer and Director, Michael Fiore started his first advertising/media agency in 1996. In their first year of business, Fiore and Friebergs landed major contracts with SEGA of America, Honda/Acura, SEMA, TOMY and HASBRO Interactive. In 2001, additional partners were introduced and the company was christened VP Media Group, which in 2006, morphed into The Loyalty Creative and eventually Anyone™.

As a Creative Director, Michael has led many national commercial campaigns and projects. His client roster includes many major brands for whom he has directed commercials and digital campaigns as well as multiple product launches and event productions. Here are just a few of those clients: the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Pioneer, Nike, NBC/Universal, MTV/Viacom, Hyundai, Honda, SEMA, Budweiser, MacGreggor Golf, Farmer John, Callaway Golf Eyewear, Gordon Biersch Brewing Co., Hopmonk Tavern, Mattel, Ed Hardy, Honda/Acura, The Discovery Channel, Warner Bros, and Red Bull. In addition to his entrepreneurial spirit, the skills Michael has honed through his work include video/film direction, digital design and execution, graphics and print design, marketing and branding, web design, event production, and large environmental installations.

Michael's interest in telling stories and developing creative marketing strategies stems from his artistic nature. In addition to designing campaigns for major brands, Michael is a die-hard musician. His credits include fronting his own major label band and opening for Van Halen and Poison, as well as doing a long stint as the touring bass player for Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, with whom he performed in many countries and stadiums around the world. In fact, it was the merchandising of music and promotional souvenirs that fueled his entrepreneurial spirit and led him to the world of advertising. 

Those who know Michael recognize that he is a people person. It’s an art, really, and just one of many in his arsenal. He inspires and motivates people, and has many long-lasting, devoted relationships - people who trust him to lead the way. He has a knack for attracting young, up & coming talent and projects. No doubt he brings the chops and tools himself too - graphics & print design, branding & marketing, web design, video/film/TV direction & production, event production, large environmental installations… nothing is out of reach. “We like to discover the WHY in everything we do, gently engaging people and turning them on. This allows us to convey the right message to our audiences, whether it be through film, tv, advertising or whatever media the project calls for."

Michael’s passion is in full force at ANYONE™ Collective. Partnering with longtime friend & collaborator Stephen Chavez, Michael believes that “When you get an opportunity in life to work with people you actually love and care about, it makes a huge difference. Stephen is family and like a brother to me; there is undeniable trust in our relationship that allows for a great balance." Michael and Stephen have built a team at ANYONE™ that they are proud of, full of extremely passionate and creative people. They live by three simple rules and never stray from them: 1. Do what you love. 2. Work with great people. 3. Follow the creative and not the money - money should be a by-product of the work you do.”