Hyundai + The Smiths

We produced a national commercial spot for Hyundai and integrated it on NBA on TNT featuring The Smiths. 

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Some say - the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. And when your father is professional basketball player and NBA commentator Kenny Smith, expect those to be some tough apples. Hyundai joined forces with the NBA and the TNT network to introduce the all-new 2013 Santa Fe. This video spot focused on the importance of family, while speaking directly to the households of basketball fans. Kenny Smith came to us with a concept for the campaign called “Trash Talk with the Smiths,” revolving around his family and their unique dynamic with each other.


We wanted audiences to have a fun look into the competitive banter Kenny Smith deals with at home. Trash talk is a huge part of Kenny’s world - it’s the main form of communication basketball players have with each other, both on and off the court. Our goal was to bring to life the idea that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” in Kenny’s family by showing the interesting ways Kenny's work habits have been incorporated into his family life. All the elements, including the car, had to feel integrated, as organically as possible, into Kenny’s world. The spots were built around the kinds of trash talk moments that happen naturally every day around the Smith house. We placed the Santa Fe in a situation that would be true to the day-to-day lifestyle of the Smith family. 

Building up to the “Trash Talk with the Smiths” commercial, we ran a social campaign to test Kenny Smith’s reception with the public. We also created a viral contest for fans to join in on Kenny Smith’s banter and win a chance to be in his next commercial. We created hashtags to draw in fans to be a part of the fun. In the end, we were one big happy family #NoFeelingsHurt.  


  • During the live NBA game prior to Inside the NBA, TNT ran pre-roll introducing “Trash Talk with the Smiths.” 
  • The video for “Trash Talk with the Smiths” lived on the home page for one full day. 
  • Our campaign challenge with Kenny Smith and NBA’s TV Game Time host, Matt Winer, increased Matt’s followers from 2,000 to 14,000 on Twitter. 
  • Shooting with The Smiths at their home gave viewers an authentic look at the family, giving Hyundai new traction.

• +350k Views in 24 hours on YouTube

• 3,535 mentions on Twitter through user interaction.


• Trending topic on Twitter

• Kenny increased his Twitter followers by 2975%,
  from 4K to 119K.

• Over 60,000 views and 4,271 plays on Vimeo


Here is our behind the scenes look at our work.


The Hyundai Santa Fe commercial featuring Kenny "the Jet" Smith and his trash talking family.