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Previously known as Bob Hope Airport—and the best kept secret in Los Angeles for over 80 years—this airport boasts fabulous service and a convenient location. Located near many LA attractions, it has always been a logical choice for SoCal travel, but has often been been overlooked due to location ambiguity. Potential passengers simply didn’t know where it was and, therefore, did not consider it as an option when flying into or out of the Los Angeles area. This, combined with a complete lack of branding, the disappearance of informed travel agents, the rise of self-booking, and the 2008 stock market crash, resulted in passenger levels dropping off while market share slipped. The airport needed a way to get back into the game. 


Anyone™ undertook the task of making an airport that was nearly invisible online, visible on a national level. Extensive research into internet search trends and competitor airports as well as national passenger surveys revealed that not only was the name not helping, the Bob Hope reference was actually creating a problem as those who knew who he was associated him primarily with locations like Palm Springs or Vietnam. By renaming the airport Hollywood Burbank Airport, Anyone™ put it on the map…literally. Tying Hollywood to the brand attached it to the real-life studio history that has been a key component of Burbank's economy since the Airport's origins and provided a concrete, recognizable location marker. Anyone™ also created a modern brand identity system with an engaging color palette that was designed to garner as much organic attention as possible.



Relaunching this beloved local brand drew a lot of press attention, which increased overall brand awareness regionally and nationally. In order to build on the momentum gained through the rebrand, Anyone™ established an overall marketing strategy that targeted specific travelers coming to Los Angeles for business and/or leisure. When targeting specific demographic groups, our campaign emphasized the airport as a central access point to the most popular Los Angeles travel destinations—one of the airport’s key competitive advantages. To efficiently target these campaigns, we researched relevant trade organizations and the targeted regional demographics and psychographics. Once our audience was defined, we targeted them via print, digital (programmatic) and relevant social media platforms (including Google AdWords). By delivering a customized, clear and concise message for each specific target and platform, the overarching strategy drove home brand awareness and reintroduced new and existing customers to the benefits of using Hollywood Burbank Airport. As an additional component, we created a video that will live on the to-be-redesigned brand website that illustrates the brand’s tagline, “Convenience Elevated,” in a real-world setting.


Social Media & Digital Advertising

Hyper-targeting is the ability to deliver advertising content to specific interest-based segments in a network based on demographic data and online behavior. By using the massive amounts of data available to us through the respective digital platforms, we’ve had the opportunity to identify unique audiences for each of the campaigns we’ve built for the leisure, bleisure, and business segments.

Hyper-Targeted Social CampaignS

Leisure Target: Ads were created that targeted the leisure traveler. Timing was good for the 3–4 weeks identified for individual areas that had different spring break weeks. We were able to identify those areas and target those ads at the specific times their breaks took place.

Bleisure Target: Ads were created that targeted business travelers that would extend their business stay while traveling for business—making it easy to turn a business travel into a mini-vacation. Facebook has identified the Bleisure category, and it's getting traction in the industry.

Weather-Targeted Campaign: Ads were targeted across the country to places that were experiencing cold weather. We were able to pivot and adjust these ads to regional targets. In addition, when we were experiencing rain here in LA—we were able to pull these ads in real time and shift until we had better weather.

Hyper-Targeted Social Campaigns

March Madness Target: Ads were created that targeted the traveling taking place for
March Madness. We targeted not only the 4 games that were played in Southern California, but the cities each team was coming from, too (ie: Michigan Wolverines, A & M Aggies [Houston], Gonzaga Bulldogs [Spokane, Washington], and the Florida State Seminoles [Tallahassee, FL]). Additionally, the ads targeted passengers traveling to and from Las Vegas to watch the Championship games and San Antonio where the Championships were held.

Spring Training Target: Ads were created that targeted both LA baseball teams, Dodgers and Angels, that had spring training in Arizona. We found that people were traveling to and from the LA Area to attend spring training in person.

Spring Break Target: Ads were created that focused on spring break travelers. Students traveling to and from the LA Basin were targeted for these campaigns.

Real World Versatility

Airports have an extremely far reach. Staying consistent across touchpoints is a key component in instilling trust in potential passengers. Creating brand awareness isn’t enough; one must also communicate the desired brand perception. Anyone™ audited and redesigned brand touchpoints in the Los Angeles area, including business cards, road signs, shuttle bus wraps and illuminated hero signage. Our extensive brand guide, which was distributed to all vendors, provided the foundation for unifying current and future branding, marketing and communications. For the first time in its 87-year history, Hollywood Burbank Airport has brand equity and a unified and recognizable identity. This has led to increased opportunities, not only with airlines, but also with the local business communities of Burbank, Glendale and Pasadena, California.


Video Content

1 Million+ Views


Social Marketing

5 Million Users Reached

12 Million Impressions


Print Advertising

5.5 Million Consumers Reached


Web Traffic

300,000+ Sessions

12% Click-Thru Rate

The Results

The cohesive marketing strategy we established across all platforms delivered a clear, concise message and set the stage for a successful brand awareness campaign. By providing the airport with a regional marker and positioning it as a central access point in Los Angeles, we were able to create a strong foundation for the brand and provide a proper launch pad for its future promotion across the country. Our rebranding effort led to a measurable difference, specifically an 12% year-over-year increase in Total Revenue Passengers (TRC) and a 4.71% year-over-year increase in Air Carrier Operations (ACO) due to increased passenger interest and traffic.