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We believe that imagination and passion can change the world. Beaker™ exists for that very reason. We create, cultivate and collaborate with entrepreneurs and creators to develop products and ideas for the world stage. Our team of industry leading professionals have all created and experienced startups and lead successful global brands. We have over 65+ years of combined experience in ideation, incubation and execution of products, ideas and brands. We have the team to work with you and get your idea to the next level.


We can take your idea through the entire process for concept to completion. Here are a list of some of the services we can provide to help bring your idea to a reality.

    •    Ideation
    •    Ecosystem Design
    •    Product Development
    •    Engineering
    •    Brand Development

    •    Investment / Funding
    •    Graphic Design
    •    Digital Experience
    •    Systems Design
    •    Market Research




1. Our first step is to explore opportunities and potential challenges. We have developed the Beaker™ Ecosystem, which helps us define creative solutions for growth and determine new verticals for your idea. It's a unique visual way to set the plan of attack for growing your business.


2. Second we look deeply into your idea. Can we improve? Do we need to? Who does it speak to, and how does it speak? These questions and many more will be answered when fine tuning the product or idea and its mission. We find the WHY and make sure that every touchpoint is on target.


3. Step three is to solve the problem of finance. Whether through own team of investors, crowd source funding, angel investors or venture capital, we will help in getting your idea the finances it needs to be built and marketed to the masses.

4. ROI

4. The final step is to determine milestones and reach them. This important focus allows us to increase the value of the brand and make sure that we are on target with product development, execution, saturation  and revenue goals. These milestones, when met, will increase our value and return on our hard work and investment.



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