BOUND - The story of Ft. Irwin Emergency Services turns into a National Treasure.

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BOUND was one of the most personal projects we have ever done and one that continues to inspire us. This amazing opportunity came to us when our co-founder’s brother, Jacob Chavez, came to us to discuss creating a slideshow to showcase the history and work of the Emergency Services Teams at Ft. Irwin. The result of that discussion was a 40-minute short film that not only showcases the work of Ft. Irwin’s Emergency Services, but also identifies the true meaning of being BOUND.


We wanted audiences to have a fun look into the competitive banter Kenny Smith deals with at home. Trash talk is a huge part of Kenny’s world - it’s the main form of communication basketball players have with each other, both on and off the court. Our goal was to bring to life the idea that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” in Kenny’s family by showing the interesting ways Kenny's work habits have been incorporated into his family life. All the elements, including the car, had to feel integrated, as organically as possible, into Kenny’s world. The spots were built around the kinds of trash talk moments that happen naturally every day around the Smith house. We placed the Santa Fe in a situation that would be true to the day-to-day lifestyle of the Smith family. 

Building up to the “Trash Talk with the Smiths” commercial, we ran a social campaign to test Kenny Smith’s reception with the public. We also created a viral contest for fans to join in on Kenny Smith’s banter and win a chance to be in his next commercial. We created hashtags to draw in fans to be a part of the fun. In the end, we were one big happy family #NoFeelingsHurt.  

A truly inspirational film that not only showcases our work here at Ft. Irwin, but the work our men and women do every day to protect those who protect us.
— Col. Braga - Ft. Irwin National Training Center


We set out to capture the personal story of the Emergency Services crews that work at Ft. Irwin, a military training installation in Southern California. We wanted to create a film that showed that heroes come in many shapes and sizes. These men and women work daily to protect those who protect our country. 

NASA. Downrange. The Training Center. Downtown. The Burn Box. The Helipad. Fire Stations 1 and 2. The Base. These are the places that helped build a foundation for our story. Our group of professionals worked on every element of the film. We wove these stories together to show the truth behind these everyday heroes. Though none of them speak of the heroism in their day-to-day work, their actions speak volumes.


BOUND was screened at the Fort Irwin Theatre exclusively to the Emergency Services Teams and their families. Following the premiere, on the anniversary of 9/11, residents of Fort Irwin witnessed the inauguration of the memorial with the acquisition of I-Beams from Ground Zero. A memorial service was held at the site to commemorate those we lost on September 11th. Their bravery and courage will always be remembered.



BOUND is available on DVD. Please contact us for more information.